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“I found Jesse foremost a strategic thinker, always looking ahead of the curve.

He is also unusual in that he is very capable in execution of the strategies, focused and determined. It was a pleasure working with him in a fast paced environment.”

Henry Huang

Director, Global Strategies, American Bible Society

“I lead a global ministry that is a grassroots, lean organization with mostly volunteer staff and limited resources. Jesse believed in our cause and saw some needs he could help, and he graciously offered his gifts and talents and knowledge of marketing, social media, fundraising and communications strategy to help us with some major innovations. He has personally helped me see some of our blindspots and has taught me how to better reach multi-generations in our messaging.”

Bryan Craig

Executive Director, Influencers Global Ministries

“It is evidence from Jesse’s success that he has both the skills/knowledge and the ability to dig down deep to “get things done” to perform at the highest level in the digital marketing world.”

Jeremy Williams

International & Strategy Director, Field Agent

“In my 21 years of teaching at the University of Arkansas, I have accumulated a strong set of guest speakers that include CEOs and top executives with many decades of experience. Even among this highly competitive set, Jesse Lane is consistently a class favorite, providing cutting-edge insight into digital marketing and emerging media trends. His ability to communicate in an innovative, engaging manner is second-to-none.”

Dr. Molly Rapert

Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

“Dynamic and forward-thinking, yet humble and gracious at the same time, Jesse is the perfect mix for colleagues and companies who want to break new ground with their social media and internet marketing initiatives.”

Jim Hauskey

Director of Marketing, The Happy Egg Company