We’ve had the honor to work with incredible people who have said a few nice things…  

The session [with Branches] was so successful that we subsequently worked with Jesse with a follow up strategic planning session which was also outstanding!

Jesse has many strengths, particularly in the areas of strategic fundraising and marketing, evidenced in the success of the NWA Gives Day. What we found working with Jesse, is that he is fun, loves to think out of the box, and is truly committed to his passion for working with companies and nonprofits as a seasoned consultant.

Finally, Jesse is a sincere, compassionate, and caring individual, whose goal is to help organizations reach their potential in serving others. It is an honor to call him my colleague and friend.”

– Becky Paneitz, PhD, CEO of Inseitz Group (Formerly, President of NWACC)

“The Branches coaching program was incredible. Jesse was encouraging and did a great job of breaking down seemingly overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces. He’s very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about helping nonprofits succeed.”

– Ann Meythaler, Director, The CALL of Northwest Arkansas

“Before working with Jesse and Branches Mission Lab, one-day giving days and email campaigns seemed overwhelming and somewhat confusing. By following Jesse’s coaching strategy, we had a very successful one-day giving day and great dialogue with our givers via the email campaign. After working with Jesse, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to our next giving day and email marketing campaign because I’m confident it will be a success!”

– Joe Butler, Founder & CEO, Ability Tree

“I found Jesse foremost a strategic thinker, always looking ahead of the curve.

He is also unusual in that he is very capable in execution of the strategies, focused and determined. It was a pleasure working with him in a fast paced environment.

– Henry Huang, Global Strategies, American Bible Society

“Working with Jesse was great! He really changed the way our organization looked at marketing, especially social media. With his help, in just a few short weeks we really saw a rise in engagement through our social media platforms.”

– Stefanie Jackson, Chief Development Officer, Office of Human Concern / Meals on Wheels NWA

“I appreciate how easy Jesse made it to run our fundraiser. He broke the activities into achievable pieces, taught us how to do the work, and gave us honest feedback so we could make improvements. He is an amazing teacher and has a heart for the Nonprofit sector.”

– Stacey Curzon, Program Director, Inseitz Group Women’s Empowerment Center

“I lead a global ministry that is a grassroots, lean organization with mostly volunteer staff and limited resources. Jesse believed in our cause and saw some needs he could help, and he graciously offered his gifts and talents and knowledge of marketing, social media, fundraising and communications strategy to help us with some major innovations. He has personally helped me see some of our blindspots and has taught me how to better reach multi-generations in our messaging.””

– Bryan Craig, Executive Director, Influencers Global Ministries

“It is evidence from Jesse’s success that he has both the skills/knowledge and the ability to dig down deep to “get things done” to perform at the highest level in the digital marketing world.”

– Jeremy Williams, International & Strategy Director, Field Agent

“”In my 21 years of teaching at the University of Arkansas, I have accumulated a strong set of guest speakers that include CEOs and top executives with many decades of experience. Even among this highly competitive set, Jesse Lane is consistently a class favorite, providing cutting-edge insight into digital marketing and emerging media trends. His ability to communicate in an innovative, engaging manner is second-to-none.”

– Molly Rapert, University of Arkansas, Sam Walton College of Business

“Dynamic and forward-thinking, yet humble and gracious at the same time, Jesse is the perfect mix for colleagues and companies who want to break new ground with their social media and internet marketing initiatives.”

– Jim Hauskey, Director of Marketing at The Happy Egg Company

“I’ve never had this much success from an email! Pumped!!”

– Joe, Nonprofit ED

“The email produced over 30 donors giving early last night. I went to bed with $8,500 raised and woke up to $27,000.”

– T.W., Nonprofit CEO

“So. Good. My inbox has been NUTS! Ha!”

– Ann, Nonprofit Director

^ This nonprofit passed their giving day goal in the first 3 hours of the day! 
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