Growing your nonprofit doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore.

1. Take the course.

2. Master our proven marketing framework.

3. Get the funds you need to grow. 

Changing lives is a lot of work.

In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to do storytelling, marketing and fundraising for your nonprofit to feeling prepared and confident.

You’ll create a rock-solid marketing plan and immediately begin to multiply your online audience, get new donors, increase giving, and grow your impact. Guaranteed.

Jesse Lane learned nonprofit marketing the hard way…

After 11+ years of digital marketing trial-and-error, working with hundreds of nonprofits, and helping raise over $100 million, Jesse has learned what actually works for nonprofits and ministries.

Now, Jesse is breaking down the growth strategies so that you can take action and start growing faster. 

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        8 Modules

        Each module includes:

        • 4-6 Focused  Lessons
        • Short Instructional Videos
        • Examples & Case Studies
        • Short Exercises & Activities

        20+ DOWNLOADS

        Downloads like:

        • Plug & Play Marketing Plans
        • Team Exercises
        • Brand & Audience Worksheets
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        • Occasional Q&A Sessions with Jesse Lane & Other Experts

        Here’s what you’ll learn …

        Each of the 8 modules provides focused, actionable, step-by-step instruction.

        You’ll be empowered to build + execute a marketing plan to grow your nonprofit fast.

        // Module 1

        How to Craft Your Compelling Brand Story

        To attract donors in mass, or major donors that can give massive amounts, you MUST have a brand and story that stands out.

        In Module 1 you’ll get:

        • A refreshed and tightened brand style guide.
        • The formula for emotive (& ethical) storytelling.
        • Ideas of ways to tell and retell your best stories.
        • Essential brand foundation established for every other marketing activity you’ll do.

        // Module 2

        How to Stop Your Audience in Their Tracks

        You’ll learn the secret to grabbing the attention of your audience. We’ll show you how to quickly (and at no cost) get a deep understanding of your ideal audience and set up a system to continually test ideas with them.

        In Module 2 you’ll get:

        • The secret to successful marketing – “the shift”.
        • An audience avatar doc you’ll use every day.
        • A list of critical contacts for your next campaign.
        • A major donor development plan.

        // Module 3

        How to Assemble Your Marketing Machine

        Your social media, email, and website should all work together.  We’ll teach you how to guide an unaware audience to become donors and then ambassadors.

        In Module 3 you’ll get:

        • The “mind” of your marketing machine.
        • An ideal audience/donor journey mapped out.
        • Identified irresistible invitations for each step of your audience journey.
        • An organized system for planning your social media, email and website content.

        // Module 4

        How to Quickly Makeover & Optimize Your Website

        Your website is the “face” of your nonprofit and can provide a make or break moment for your nonprofit.

        Learn the fastest ways to re-design and re-focus your website so that it builds trust and produces results.

        In Module 4 you’ll get:

        • An assessment of your website.
        • A site that is re-aligned with brand.
        • A site that is speaks to your audience.
        • A site that is focused, clear and productive.
        • A plan for keeping your site fresh and updated.

        // Module 5

        How to Systematically Grow Your Social Media Content & Results

        Sadly, most nonprofits are wasting a lot of time posting on social media, without seeing any measurable results.

        Here you’ll learn the how to create authentic engagement, grow your following, and drive results.

        In Module 5 you’ll get:

        • Defined & measurable goals for social media.
        • A creative content strategy and calendar.
        • A plan for systematically growing your audience/followers and engagement.
        • A list of key social media tools & software.

        // Module 6

        How to Automate & Explode Your Email List Growth & Results

        Email provides the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing activity for nonprofits. We’ll show you how you can acquire new subscribers, build trust, and move people to action with email marketing.

        In Module 6 you’ll get:

        • Defined & measurable goals for email.
        • An assessment of your current email system.
        • New email templates proven to drive results.
        • Automated email series for key moments in your audience journey.
        • A plan for growing your email list faster.

        // Module 7

        How to Reach New Audiences with Influential Allies

        This is where the real fun (and rapid growth) begins!

        Here, we’ll teach you one of the most cost effective strategies for growing your audience, fast.

        You’ll immediately begin to identify and partner with influencers online and in your community who will be excited to use their platforms to help you grow.

        In Module 7 you’ll get:

        • A worksheet to identify allies & influencers to help you grow your audience.
        • The formula to get influencers to say “yes”.
        • A plan and calendar for building your awareness and your audience size with allies.

        // Module 8

        How to Scale Audience Size & Results with Targeted Ads

        You’re now ready to scale awareness, engagement, list size and donations with sophisticated marketing!

        You have access to the most powerful advertising tools in history and we’ll teach you how to leverage that technology to quickly scale up your system and results.

        In Module 8 you’ll get:

        • Strategies we’ve learned after spending over $200K in digital ads for nonprofits.
        • Step-by-step instructions on how to create ads that deliver huge results + return on investment.
        • Shortcut guides to launching retargeting ads, using lookalike audiences, and applying for Google AdWords grants ($10K/month!).
        • Your full messaging plan and content calendar.

        Before working with Jesse and his team, one-day giving days and email campaigns seemed overwhelming and somewhat confusing.  

        By following Jesse’s strategy, we had a very successful one-day giving day and great dialogue with our givers via the email campaign. 

        – Joe Butler, Founder, Ability Tree

        “Jesse really changed the way our organization looked at marketing, especially social media. With his help, in just a few short weeks we really saw a rise in engagement through our social media platforms.”

        – Stefanie Jackson, Chief Development Officer, Office of Human Concern / Meals on Wheels NWA

        I appreciate how easy Jesse made it to run our fundraiser.

        He broke the activities into achievable pieces, taught us how to do the work, and gave us honest feedback so we could make improvements. He is an amazing teacher and has a heart for the Nonprofit sector.”

        – Stacey Curzon, Program Director, Inseitz Group Women’s Empowerment Center

        “Jesse helped change my way of thinking about fundraising. 

        It’s really not about “fund” raising. It’s about serving others, telling your story, and providing an opportunity for others to partner with you in doing good.”

        – Teresa Webb, Board Member, Providence Academy

        * We are happy to refund your investment, if you have completed the course, can demonstrate to us that you’ve implemented the course recommendations and are still not pleased with the outcomes.

        Questions you might have…

        Is this course for me?

        This course is designed for people who work at nonprofits and ministries of all sizes.

        This course is especially helpful for:

        • Executive Directors
        • Board Members
        • Marketing Directors & Social Media Managers
        • Advancement & Development Director
        • Digital Marketing Managers/Coordinators
        • Communication Directors
        • CMOs, CEOs, CDOs, and COOs

        (there are a lot of different titles in the nonprofit space!)

        If you have a role in growing the reach, awareness, audience, or fundraising results for your organization, this is for you.

        If you still aren’t sure, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you figure it out!

        Is this course worth the money?

        We know that nonprofits are always on a lean budget, with very little allocated toward marketing and fundraising. And that is the very reason we’ve built this course.

        The framework you’ll learn in this course is hand-crafted for small to medium-sized nonprofits who don’t have a large marketing budget or a large marketing or development team.

        They are meant to get you results with the minimal amount of expense and as fast as possible.

        It would cost 5x to 10x more to hire a consultant to help you with these strategies.

        It would cost you 50x to 100x more to hire a marketing person on your team.

        AND they wouldn’t have the expertise and years of nonprofit marketing experience you’ll have access to in this course.

        Plus, and more importantly than anything, the course will EASILY pay for itself if you follow the framework.

        The marketing and fundraising results you’ll get will far exceed the investment you make. We guarantee it.

        Not only will you begin to get results immediately, but you can also continue to use this exact framework, year after year, for every future campaign.

        That means your initial investment will continue to produce a ROI, for years to come.

        How much time will it take me to finish the course?

        How fast do you want to go?? 

        The course is self-paced, so you decide.

        There is over 10 hours of content, and some people have binge watched it all in 2 weeks, while others spread it over 3-4 months of time.

        And you can take it in whatever order you’d like (although we recommend going through it sequentially).

        You might decide to knock it out in:
        – 2 long days (scheduled intensive)
        – 2 hours/ day for 5 days straight (sprint week)
        – 1 hour/ day for 10 days (2 focused weeks)
        – 1 hour/ week for 10 weeks (little by little)

        We get it. You are probably juggling a TON of things already.
        Nonprofit leaders wear a lot of hats.

        We’ve designed the course with this in mind.

        We KNOW you don’t have time for long videos, long lessons, or hours worth of homework.

        So, instead, we’ve condensed the most important, most effective, and most profitable strategies into a simple, easy to execute framework.


        How do you know this framework will work for us?

        Our framework:
        – is rooted in timeless principles.
        – takes advantage of the latest technology & trends.
        – has been proven to produce results.

        We’ve designed the course to be profitable for a wide variety of nonprofits.

        The course is a good fit for you if:
        – You want to grow awareness for your nonprofit.
        – You aren’t sure if your current marketing efforts are really working.
        – You need a more defined strategy for your website, social media, and email marketing.
        – You’ve struggled to raise money through your website and aren’t sure what to do.

        If you put in the time, follow the steps, and still don’t get results, we’ll give you your money back.

        How long do I have access to the course?

        How does lifetime access sound?

        After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

        What if I am unhappy with the course? (100% money back guarantee)

        If you are unhappy with the course, we are happy to provide a full refund of your investment within the first 60 days.

        We just ask that first you complete the course content, and demonstrate to us that you’ve implemented course recommendations.

        If you are still not pleased with the outcomes, we’ll happily provide a refund!

        When does the course start and finish?

        The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

        What if I prefer a hands-on, personalized, learning experience?

        Who doesn’t? But, that kind of private coaching is much more expensive.

        And because we know it is important, we’ve added in personal touchpoints throughout the course curriculum.

        In the course, you’ll get:

        Monthly “Office Hours”: During these windows of time, Jesse Lane, your expert Mentors, and other subject-matter experts will be available to answer your specific questions related to nonprofit storytelling, marketing, and fundraising.

        A Private Facebook Group: Here you’ll have access to other nonprofit leaders from across the country, and your expert Mentors. It’s a great place to ask your questions, get unstuck, and get advice from peers and other experts.

        What if I don't belong to a faith-based nonprofit?

        That’s ok!

        While our company is passionate about Jesus and the good news offered in the Bible, we know that a lot of nonprofits don’t believe the same way.

        There are portions of our course where we will pray a quick prayer, share a short story from Scripture, or share about how God did something miraculous in support of nonprofit’s effort.

        We think that regardless of your beliefs, you’ll still find these portions refreshing and inspiring.

        And if you don’t, feel free to just skip right past them…

        The marketing and fundraising principles apply to every type of nonprofit who is on a mission and has a target audience made up of humans.

        If you are trying to build an audience of animals or raise money from robots, this isn’t for you.

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