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Should nonprofits have podcasts


The Power of Podcasts for Nonprofits by Adam Walker

Podcasts are not just about building an audience; they can do more.

For nonprofits, podcasts present a unique opportunity to connect with supporters, build a more diverse and responsive community, power their marketing, and raise funds all at the same time. Let’s take a few minutes to break down some of these.

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I See You - a poem by Heather Richards

I See You is the perfect nod to the way God sees you, as nonprofit organizations and small business owners.

Read this poem to feel not so alone, encouraged and inspired by God's words and the way Heather so perfectly describes all of your experiences.

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How to Determine Your Brand's Personality

Does your brand make people stop in their steps (in a good way)? Keep reading to find out how we do it!

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3 Inspiring Nonprofits Who Really Get Storytelling

The importance of storytelling and what goes into being the next Apple, Disney or charity:water. Read to find out!

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5 Unexpected Ways to Keep Meetings Productive

Is your team stuck in an unproductive rut? These 5 ways may be just what you're looking for to get back on track.

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Is it ok to fundraise during this pandemic?

This story was shocking and may just answer the question so many of us are asking.

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A Goodmaker’s Response to Covid-19

How should nonprofits respond to the Coronavirus crisis?

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How to Create a Nonprofit Marketing Strategy & Plan

Growing a nonprofit requires a plan. Here’s a simple, 6 page template for building yours.

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Free toolkit

Grow Your Nonprofit’s Reach with Influencer Marketing

Three practical resources to help you ideate, find wins for everyone, and get a jumpstart on effective influencer marketing

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits and Ministries

Ten tools that are affordable, easy to use and just plain make life better. 

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Free Quiz

Is Your Nonprofit’s Website Hurting or Helping Your Cause?

See how your nonprofit’s website ranks in the most important areas.

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Send Your Nonprofit’s Best Appeal Email Ever 

This guide walks you step-by-step through the process of our little “secret weapon” email.

Seriously, this email works.

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Case Study

How We Raised Nearly $100K in Donations for One Giving Day

With these 10 strategies, a client of ours, Ability Tree raised $91,285 in a recent regional giving day.

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FREE worksheet

Focus for Your Next Fundraising Campaign

Quickly identify the most important players for your fundraising strategy, gala event, giving day or annual campaign.

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