Send Your Nonprofit’s Best Email Ever

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A step-by-step guide to help nonprofits send highly effective promotional and fundraising appeal emails.


    • subject line ideas
    • real-life examples
    • Mailchimp screenshots

    You’ll be surprised at how easy + effective this email is.

    When I share about this “secret weapon” email, my clients are always a little surprised at just how simple it is.


    Then, after they give it a try, they are shocked… by the response they get!

    “I’ve never had this much success from an email! Pumped!!”

    – Joe, Nonprofit ED

    “The email produced over 30 donors giving early last night. I went to bed with $8,500 raised and woke up to $27,000.”

    – T.W., Nonprofit CEO

    “So. Good. My inbox has been NUTS! Ha!”

    – Ann, Nonprofit Director

    ^ This nonprofit passed their giving day goal in the first 3 hours of the day! 
    In this free download and you’ll see the exact email they sent that ended up with over 100 responses.

    Here are texts I got from a recent client after his nonprofit used this email strategy…

    Guide Written by Jesse Lane

    Jesse Lane, Founder of Branches Mission Lab, has helped hundreds  of nonprofit leaders with dozens of marketing campaigns, website launches, and helped raise over $100 million.

    He has been mastering email marketing for over 10 years and has managed email lists of over 1 million subscribers.